Image by Ian Schneider

nest was lovingly brought in to this world by 3 friends who want the same things

 - much better standards and far better outcomes for the future of Young People.

nest is built on the premise that there is no 'extra mile' as far as we are concerned, there is just what you have to do. We believe that the key to someone's success is not only down to the hard work that they put in, but also down to the support that they have around them. As individuals if we feel connected and championed, plus secure and confident in the knowledge that IT IS OKAY to make mistakes, then we succeed.


This organisation means so much to all of us involved. For all we are professional and serious about what we do, we are compassionate human beings first and foremost. We are successful because we practice what we preach - we make allowances for our mistakes, we support each other when we're down and we champion each other when we win. 

That is how we approach what we do and how we know that it works. Passion did lead us here and we want Young People to feel that they can achieve independence without ever having to feel like they are doing it alone.

We are nest because a nest is a symbol of home. It is the place where we learn to grow and prosper.

nest support specialises in providing supported accommodation for young people leaving care and young people who are/at risk of being, homeless. We provide a safe and positive environment with a dedicated team that is compassionate and well versed in providing high quality and collaborative support. We offer tailored support packages to ensure that we give young people the foundation and aspiration to make the most of their lives. 

At nest we believe in being active listeners, caring unconditionally, not being afraid to challenge and ensuring accountability at every level.

We will challenge discrimination and promote anti oppressive practice both inside and outside of our organisation. We embrace diversity and equality and we do that by listening to each other. That's why it is intrinsic to our culture at nest to  listen and value what somebody has to teach you; we listen to our young people, we listen to our employees and we listen to our partners.


This is how we understand the hardships that some people have been through when they come to our door and how we will embrace them with the support that they deserve.



PEOPLE  We value people. No matter if we work with you or you work with us. If you're transgender, non-binary, male or female. If you are from the UK or from somewhere else, religious or not religious! Whoever you are and whatever you do, we respect and embrace the diversity and individuality of all people.


COMPASSION  Compassion is essential in establishing supportive and unconditional relationships. Compassion is also essential when understanding that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Young people especially need to be treated with compassion if they don't at first take the right path when navigating their own way through to adulthood.

QUALITY nest fosters staff who are highly trained and promote a culture of continuous professional development and self-reflection, that ensures our team provides the highest quality support. 

TRUST  Trust in you, trust in us. We act in the best interest of our young people and so fully appreciate how fundamental trust is in every type of relationship we establish. We are transparent and consistent in the service process and delivery. We maintain appropriate professional boundaries and seek fully informed consent.

SAFETY  We provide services that recognise a young person’s need for physical and emotional safety and strive to promote this at all times.

INTEGRITY  We encourage high aspirations and seek to secure the best outcomes for our young people.

POSITIVITY  The brighter side of life! We believe in achieving positive and lasting change for our young people.

COLLABORATION  Providing a safe and secure environment that encourages listening and a joint approach towards decision making.