Image by Brandon Griggs

If the accommodation is not right for our young people then it isn’t right for us. 

Our organisation is called nest because the nest is a symbol of the home. It is the place where we learn to grow and prosper and that is what our supported housing will be to the young people who take up accommodation with us. We strongly believe that finding the right home for our young people is the foundation to a positive transition to adulthood. 


If required we can provide a range of high quality, safe and sustainable accommodation from individual flats to shared living homes.


Where possible their home will be provided in proximity with a young person's wider plans and aspirations, such as locating near education, work, friends or family.


Our outstanding homes comes with all amenities young people will need and want to feel settled such as:

●      Fully or part furnished with high quality furniture throughout.

●      White Goods and a cleaning starter kit

●      Where required 24/7 assistance via dedicated staff

We source accommodations that our young people can manage and call their home when they transition to fully independent living.

All of the spaces that we provide are Psychologically Informed Environments, meaning that how and where we provide support is designed to take into account a young persons psychological and emotional needs and will not hinder their growth.

For more information on our current housing options please contact us.