Support that gives young people a voice and a choice.

Our trained and passionate staff can provide high quality practical and emotional support for young people who are leaving care or homeless. We provide bespoke support programs and safe and suitable accommodation in the right location.

We take a holistic approach when collaboratively producing our support programs. Working in partnership with multidisciplinary teams, charities and voluntary organisations. The aim being that the support we provide will ensure our young people have the confidence and knowledge they need to have fulfilling and independent futures.

We welcome self-referral and those from professionals, regardless of history or complexities.

‘Support Only’ Plan: This is for young people who already have their own accommodation but have identified a need for support in certain areas. This can be in addition to support given by another service provider or independently provided. We are happy to collaborate with other agencies to ensure that a Young Person gets the best possible outcome.

Floating Support with accommodation: We support people to find the right accommodation and we’ll provide the right support. For Young People who feel empowered to take the step away from having a 24 hr a day presence, usually in a shared home environment. Set number of hours for support will be provided each week at a time that is suitable for the Young Person not the service.

Single Person accommodation and support: For Young People ready to take that next step toward adulthood living in their own home without 24 hr support and without housemates! A set number of hours for support will be provided each week at a time that is suitable for the Young Person not the service.

Group Living with 24hr Support Available: For some the first step on the way to independence. A home shared with 3-4 other young people. Housemates will be able to get a say on who they share with and encouraged to work together to run their home. 1:1 support hours will be provided in addition to 24hr on site presence from trained staff.

Looking for something else?

We understand the unique nature of an individuals needs and so we encourage Young People and professionals to get in touch to discuss any specific requirements you may have. 


Image by Kelly Sikkema