Image by Jason Rosewell


At nest, we hear you, we acknowledge you, we respect you and we support you.

We adhere to the set of principles and promises as laid out in the Care Leavers Charter.

We believe that you are the expert on YOU, which is why we will strive to ensure that you maintain choice and control over how and when your time is spent with us. Taking direction from your Pathway Plan, together, we will build a plan of action that is made for you and by you.


Tell us the support you believe will help you and we will equip you with the skills, emotional strength and the resources that you need to go out into the world as empowered young adults. Sure of your rights, sure of your path and sure of yourselves.


In developing our model of support we heard* what you had to say was important to you in your transition to adulthood. Below are some of the things we learnt to be most important. However, at nest we know you can never stop learning, so if you think there is something we have missed why not contact us and tell us about it?

"Building trusting relationships"

"It feels safe there is always someone 

to talk to."

“ The help and advice I can get of staff 24/7 if and when I need to access it. Being able to run my own flat with over sight so if I don't see something that needs doing I've always got a second opinion”

"Being prepared and having independent living skills."

"Having people that I can get on with."

"Good support and accommodation"

"My room is made personal so I can chill out in my own personal space”

"Good size flat fully furnished. Close to town."

"When you leave care, they think financial support is enough. I was so independent from a young age I was ok. What about emotionally and mentally, for some? There's not enough support to check you are ok. If you're ok on the outside then you get left - they are concerned with the surface, not much else."

"It is modernised, the facilities are

good as well."

“The best things about the accommodation are the support from staff, food, Wi-Fi and the job and training notice”

"Understanding my own identity and personal history."

“I like to talk to the staff and meet new people. Everyone gets along. It has enough space for me to spend time with other people when I want to but also spend time on my owe. My room is good size, I like all of my furniture and it is comfortable for me. I like to do activities with the people that I live with. I feel safe and secure here”

“The environment is nice and staff are friendly and supportive”

"Achieving goals and feeling proud of myself."

"Knowing my rights."

*Sources: Coram voice (2017) 'Care leavers' views on their transition to adulthood: A Rapid Review of Evidence' and Lancashire County Council (2018) 'Supported Accommodation Consultation 2018'